duminică, 16 mai 2010

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

The museum is as expensive as Mercedes Museum (8€), but the size is just half (if not even less than that) and the amount of cars/exposed things are also proportional to that... In maximumly one hour you're done. We're a bit dissapoited about that.

The best stuff I saw -but unfortunatelly I didn't make any photo of it- were two longitudinal sections throung a sport car of theirs (I do not even remember it's name, mayebe carrera?!). They could see everything over there, starting from the heating system in the seats, up to the airbag, various pipes, electricity cables, body of the car, and so on.

Otherwise, the KUNDENCENTRUM is more interesting (newest cars, magazines, small shop) and visiting it doesn't cost anything at all.

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