vineri, 28 mai 2010

A mum like us

A mum like us, a wild-duck, was on one side of the street. On the other side, the few little babies she had, were trying to cross, to finally be near mama again. A car stopped to avoid crushing them. 

The young man tries to put them careful'n a box and bring them near mum.

The high-speed traffic stopped, the public clapps: how good somebody could be to take his time for that?

The young man almost finished "paking" them. Another car comes from behind. No stop. No wait',"no time for stupid things" and crushed the mamma-duck. I see the young man lifting hands up "My God!" look what you've done! Too late...
Baby ducks still do not intend to leave.
One by one, they cross to reach at mama.
But mama nolonger IS.

I see the man on my side
The anger, the tears, the sorrow, the pain.
The things he can no longer hide
"there's no mama coming again..."

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