miercuri, 26 mai 2010

Driving school

I hear people complaining that some teachers spend the driving-hours by smoking or talking on phone, sleeping or eating. Or by whatever else apart from teaching somebody how to drive.

I started the driving school some time ago.

The school I attend is called PS and it is in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and Stuttgart-Mitte:
http://www.ps-fahrschulen.de. My teacher is called Mr. Hägele, a bit older, very nice and friendly teacher. This guy has patience, MAN! (I saw him teaching an asian woman who was hardly speaking German, so when I mean nice and friendly, I know what I say.)
I write this stuff here to recommand this PS driving school -and the teacher especially- to all of you arround Stuttgart, including those who can not manage German language so good.#

By the way, today I passed the theory exam. I recommand the following link for prepairing: www.fahrenlernenmax.de (unfortunatelly i do not know if the questions are available also in English; I just checked German). Here you make (100) tests exactly in the same way you do it at the examination. Questions you may find difficult can be marked and reviewed. Answers have explanations and contain additional sources in the theory book that we all buy at the driving schools. I do't know exactly how much that costs -I got it from my friend who recently passed the exam too- but I suppose it's not more expensive than a set of paper-tests.

Wish you all the best!


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