marți, 6 aprilie 2010

Prayer of the day

Thank you God, for having
such a beautiful life:
I eat three times a day,
including banana and real-vanilla ice
I even throuw away food sometimes.

Oh, I almost forgott: sometimes I keep diets
Cause I became soooo fat

(Yes, other people may not have aything to eat
but, I am not the cause ot that)

I put on beautiful shoes
(made by poor children-hands in Bangladesh)
and beautiful skirts (painted in India,
by people who stand in that water-chemical-whatever
all day long)
dear God, they are so cheap
but still I really love sales!

Thank you God for my cat: nowadays it eats meat daily.
Yes, since I have the better job.
And I also can afford hand-cream with milk and honey extract.

(Other children may not have milk?
So what is their government doing?
Why are their parents not going to work?)

My dear God, something small at the end
Do you also think the war in Afganistan
Really helps our life as christians economy?
Yes, thank you, I also presummed.
Ok, then, do something that the war takes long

Thank you!

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