marți, 29 iunie 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Kafka reloaded!

My child was 6 weeks old. We go to the Romanian embassy in Munich, to get his Romanian passport. We wrote them a letter previously, asking ALL details and papers needed for that. How nice, they replied to us. As soon as we had all the things, we went over there.

Behind the glass window, a face without mimic is "talking" with us.
-Hello, we would like to aplly for a Romanian passport for my kid
-Fine, bring the papers, says the voice without mimic. Sorry, madam, your marriage certificate is not valid. We need one with apostille. (my marriage certificate is not valid. means I am divorced, or what?! who the hell understands what this stupid woman was talking?)

-Ha? I mean, sorry, aren't we in EU, I guess... now... since... (finally, a brilliant idea that made the woman go mad, instead) Besides, nobody mentioned that in the letter I got from the embassy
-Bring the letter. Madam, you forgot to mention that you are married in Denmark!
-(sheat, I am ultimatively stupid. How the hell can somebody forget to mention where the marriage took place. Sorry is there any corelation betwenn being married in Bahamas and willing to get a passport for the kid?!) But what is the connection between...
-Acording to the Romanian Law, a child born in a family -which is not yet registered in Romania, I mean like YOUR MARRIAGE MADAM- can not get romanian birth certificate
-Sorry, I don't want a romanian birth certificate, I already have one from the german government (how many birth certificates does one need in this world?). I want a PASSPORT FOR MY KID.
- all the same, madam, they can not issue a romanian passport without a romanian birth certificate...
- You mean...
-Yes madam, a good day!
-Sorry, this can not be true... I...
-A good day, madam, next please!

It took almost one year: German, Romanian, Danish, EU, all the bureaucracies you never thaught of, apostilles in Denmark, apostilles in Germany, wrong office, wrong opening hours, "sorry madam, this is the wrong door, we only put apostille on divorce papers"... (I guess they put apostilles in red if you divorce, in orange if you marry and in pink if you want it on a birth certificate) wrong translator, wrong notary public, "still one question is open"... and all that hell.

Finally, finally, finally, my child entered Romania with a Ugandan passport, containing A ROMANIAN TOURIST VISA. Yuppie, we did it!

Once we reached in Romania, we've got a ROMANIAN (equivalent) marriage certificate and birth certificate for the child, papers that costed us 12 month, half of the grey hairs of my mum and lots of "killing those stupid paper-workers"-thaughts.For the passport, my husband had to go with a translator to the notary public and sign in front of him that what? That he agrees: the child gets a ROMANIAN PASSPORT. The idea: "I came to the passort office with my son, to get a passport for him" was not enaugh. Do you know anybody that goes over there to... make shoppings? Why the hell do people go there?

The Ugandan passport took 2 minutes to fill one page and 15 minutes to bring forms to the post office. And another 3 weeks waiting, until it has arrived by post.

I love my country, Merry Christmas!

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