miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

Wellcome to YUganda, YUgandaaa, YUgandaaaaaaaaaa

Roasted goat meat and roasted mais, sumbussa (indian snacks) chappatti (pancake-like arabian speciality), shops open till midnight, music, crowds on the streets until late in the night... Minibusses, motorbikes and 4x4 cars hurry all and do not mind traffic rules. There are seldom places well-marked for pedestrians, so they walk at the margins of the road... Cars touch them, but they don't mind it...

Every home you visit, nomatter how poor, they want you to take something. At least a cup of tea with milk and ginger. Small girls hide shy behind their mothers when you tell them that they are beautiful. They laugh when I try to talk some small Luganda with them...

They are few things we wisited, since we had to visit an endless number of family members. Among them some waterfalls, the Makerere University in Kampala, some buddhist temples, a tea factory, craft exhibitions.

Uganda is a mixture of fighters for survive: some at the very beginning of the fight and still struggling, some on the top of the wave, driving expensive cars and dealing in multibilion trades. Deep in the night we are crossing, Ugandans talk, listen and argue, laugh even when there is a crying matter. And they hold on together. They must.

pictures: http://www.uganda.de/photogallery/fotos.html

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