miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

Sources of income in Uganda

In Uganda, there is no money from the government, no social nor unemployment insuarance, no pension. So everybody has a business (that helps him survive). At least.
A young man walks with 20 belts in his hands, some other people carry on the head a bunch of banana or mangos to sell: "some carry THE SHOP in their hands, some carry their shop on the head".

Having no social support has not only disadvantages, as one may think. In my oppinion there are 2 main advantages:
1- you take your life and responsabilities seriously; kids know since they are 7 what they want to become. Kids have dreams.
2- building-up your small business does not need any tax declaration, insuarance payments or any bureaucracy. Even if you are illiterate, once you know the difference between plus and minus, you can start your life-supporting business small-small. If you are able to reinvest some of the profit and you don't give birth to too many children, very soon you become one of the richest in the area... That way easy.

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